Kimberly Ross, Ph.D, Post-Doc Researcher 

Dr. Kimberly Bernita Ross is a post-doctoral researcher at SOUL where she supports students and faculty to integrate CPBR, Participatory Technology, Big Data, and geo-spatial approaches into their Biomedical research questions in ways that are relevant to local communities. Her broad research interests include comparative Ethnic Studies, gender and the environment, environmental sustainability, participatory research methodologies, postcolonial studies, globalization in Africa, race,  Black feminism, African gender studies and global feminist politics.

Kim is also a graduate of Michigan State University’s African American and African Studies Program.  At MSU her research specializations were in Gender, Justice and Environmental Change and Women’s and Gender Studies. Kimberly’s interdisciplinary, qualitative research utilizes African-centered theoretical frameworks and gender paradigms. Through her research she examines the colonial social formations that continue to disrupt women’s traditional ecological roles in the former apartheid homeland of Venda. In this region she also explores the gendered, socioeconomic, and environmental implications in a globalized, post-apartheid era. Kimberly also has a range of experiences as a high school and post-secondary teacher.