Leticia Márquez-Magaña, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology

Director, Health Equity Research Lab and SF BUILD

San Francisco State University


Leticia Márquez-Magaña, PhD is Professor of Biology and Director of the Health Equity Research Laboratory and SF BUILD Project at SF State. She is the first-born daughter of Mexican immigrants and began her education in the U.S. as a monolingual Spanish speaker. Professor Márquez-Magaña attended Stanford University as the first member of her extended U.S. family to complete high school. At Stanford she earned a co-terminal BS/MS degree in Biological Sciences, and went on to earn a PhD in Biochemistry at UC Berkeley. She joined the faculty at SF State in 1994 targeting her professional efforts to “giving back” in science.​
In the Health Equity Research (HER) lab we link basic science to community health. As part of this effort Professor Márquez-Magaña directs a laboratory of researchers committed to “giving back” to the communities they come from. Current projects in the lab include transdisciplinary collaborations to investigate how social disadvantage/chronic stress get under the skin to affect telomere length, cortisol reactivity, and biological resiliency.