Centric Lab

A life sciences company using neuroscience to understand people in their environments, helping organizations create more purposeful, sustainable and healthier habitats. 

Centric Lab ® was established in 2016 with a mission to use the exponential potential of neuroscience to make healthier habitats for human life.

In 2017 we began our partnership with University College London, through the acquisition of a prestigious Medical Research Council grant. The grant was in collaboration with Prof. Hugo Spiers, who is a lead in the neuroscience field of spatial cognition.The partnership with UCL provides us access to experiment facilities and world leading neuroscientists. We are working specifically with the Ecological Brain cohort. This is the first of its kind, its aim is to bring neuroscience out of the lab to both develop the field of neuroscience and to provide industry with better insights behind human cognition and health.Our work was firmly established and inaugurated thanks to a report commissioned by Future Cities Catapult, titles ‘Neuroscience for Cities,which put forward techniques and guidelines to bring neuroscience into industry.We like working with forward thinking companies looking to create more human-centric, fit-for-purpose and resilient built environments that support human activity in an ever increasing complex world. Learn more here