About Streetwyze

Streetwyze is a power-building and participatory technology platform that enables everyday people to drive change in the places where they live, learn, work, and play. Using the Streetwyze mobile, mapping, and social media platform community members document visible and invisible features of their local environments—like implicit bias, structural racism, flooding, access to healthy food, health care, child care, parks or public transportation—that are impacting their ability to thrive and lead healthier lives. Streetwyze enables community members to use pics, audio, and video to inspire creativity, bring joy, improve social services, document what’s working, not working, and what can be improved in their local communities and lift up everyday peoples lived experiences navigating neighborhoods.

Noting About Us Without Us

What We Do

Named by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (2020) as a Pioneer in developing Culturally and Community responsive Participatory Technologies and Methodologies—Streetwyze enables community members to share and visualize their own experiences, traditions, values, cultures, customs, languages, and lifestyles—on a single, simple, easy to use, and fun platform. Following principles of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI), communities then rank and prioritize needs, share community-driven, community-powered, community-owned solutions and strategies, democratize data and decision-making, take action, and work to identify stakeholders, policy-makers, artists, advocates, and other potential allies to mobilize resources to improve community health and well-being. The Streetwyze platform and process is transformative because everyday people are experts in their own communities and ‘the people closest to the problem are the people closest to the solutions’. Streetwyze is innovative because frontline communities often lack the communications, technology, and data science expertise needed to challenge “top-down” scientific-driven research and build “bottom up” community-driven solutions. By integrating Community-Driven Data with Big Data, Streetwyze begins to eliminate the gap between professional knowledge, local knowledge, and Street wisdom by building power and self-determination with the world’s most vulnerable populations.

Building Power and Self-determination with Vulnerable Populations through Real-time data, location-based data, patient-centered data, social media, community-generated data that can be integrated with Big Data and predictive analytics (AI), and emerging technologies that increase Racial, spatial, and Reproductive justice.


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