Dawn-Elissa Fischer, Ph.D (SFSU) 

Department Chair, Africana Studies Department, San Francisco State University

At HARI, Dawn-Elissa Fischer excavates Hiphop artifacts that are often rendered invisible due to conscious or unconscious bias. Dawn-Elissa is a hyper-focused crate-digger and digital diva, committed to representing “the unseen.” She specializes in collections that exhibit Hiphop’s genesis along crucial sites of the Pacific Rim. Given Dawn-Elissa’s lifelong work with a number of community-based social justice and creative arts organizations, she curates and represents movements that thrive in her home, the Bay area, including but not limited to movement work that explicitly addresses disability, gender, sexuality and educational equity. Learn more about Dawn-Elissa’s work at http://faculty.sfsu.edu/~def or http://defprofessor.com.