Sarah Fine, MPA (UCSF)

Sarah Fine has over ten years of experience in health communications and policy, mediSa, program management, youth engagement, and the nonprofit sector. Her expertise lies in designing and implementing innovative, scalable, and high impact programs, and in building effective coalitions among diverse stakeholders. Sarah has worked to advance social initiatives both locally and internationally, from education advocacy in Argentina to public health equity in Nicaragua, Bolivia and across her home state of California. She is deeply committed to mission-driven, collective impact approaches to social justice, and has delivered training sessions, workshops and high-level presentations about her visionary work. Sarah is honored to serve on the Shape UP San Francisco Steering Committee, the Diabetes Coalition of California’s Advisory Board, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Francisco Health Advisory Board.



She currently manages the UCSF’s Center for Vulnerable Populations’ Health Communications Program at San Francisco General Hospital, and is a lead coordinator for Open Truth, a collaborative sugary drinks awareness campaign between Bay Area health departments and public health entities. Most notably, she directs the award-winning The Bigger Picture campaign, which has been lauded nationally under her leadership.



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